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"She is focused, attentive, respectful, and energetic. She always sets a terrific example for the other students in her classes. Keep up the good work Mary Clare." -Ms. Karen

"Mason's enthusiasm and energy in class is infectious, and he also remains focused and hard working. He's inspires those around him to pus themselves. He is a very helpful assistant who really connects with the younger tumbling students." -Ms. Alex

"Caroline is a joy to teach. She is always prepared and enthusiastic in her voice lessons, and I couldn't be more proud of her progress and dedication." -Ms. Melanie

"Kate always comes to class with a great attitude and puts in 100% energy. When she does not know the material she goes home and practices. Most importantly Kate is encouraging to everyone around her. She cheers on her fellow classmates when they succeed and helps them up when they are down. Her loving attitude is contagious to those around her!" - Ms. Jacquelyn